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To be competitive, you have to adapt, be flexible and quickly learn from failure. Too often leaders assume everything is going according to plan, only to get the metrics, and find out the desired outcomes are less than expected. At that point the pressure increases and reactive measures are implemented. Frustration clouds judgement and perspective.

Improve your system and the results will improve.

And if you do not have a robust system, then you definitely want to keep reading! To be value driven, you have to learn from your failures, and, quickly turnaround performance. This requires a feedback loop starting with the front-line (people closest to the problem). This has to feed into problem solving; define and evaluate the problem, review, revise, and roll out fully functioning counter measures.

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Our system helps you change how you think so you can set priorities, solve problems, engage your team for consistent results.

Anyone serious about their leadership skills needs to take this training. After my assessment I had a major shift in how I approached a difficult client. This opened more doors in that relationship. Dr. Howard incorporates the lean sigma problem solving approach in this training, boosting the mindset leaders need for consistent success."

Sabine Brandt, Lic Dip
Green Belt Lean Sigma, CSM

The Cost of Doing Nothing

In a recent article in HBR, researchers surveyed 80 executives from around the globe, asking them to estimate their DAILY cost of people issues. Five of those issues were pulled out of that study and put on the graph to the right.

Most leaders agree that people problems are what keep them up at night. Without the skills to drive change, manage conflict, problem solve, handle stress, it becomes too easy to do nothing. 

Your investment in the Resilient Change Management system will produce dividends over and over as you learn those critical skills needed for consistent success.

*This research study is a collaborative effort between the Human Capital Institute(HCI) and Multi-Health Systems (MHS). An online survey was conducted fromApril - May 2013 with 784 respondents representing more than 500 organizations worldwide.

Emotional Intelligence fuels a Resilient Mindset

EI is your ability to manage your internal distractions so you can be effective with others. This set of skills includes confidence, independence, optimism, decision making, problem solving among others. These skills need to be developed.  Few people are born with the ability to manage their own emotions and still make effective decisions.

Self awareness is the foundation of successful leadership. Once you understand your natural leadership style, you can adjust, adapt and make changes that are needed, based on what is required at the time. Self awareness is where EI begins. As you become more aware, you  develop the authentic confidence that feeds resilience, optimism, independence, flexibility and the other skills in EI.

EI forms the foundation of a resilient mindset. As part of the Resilient Change Management program, you will take the EQi 2.0, emotional intelligence assessment, identify your strengths, and learn to activate a resilient mindset.

The Resilient Change Management System helps you develop a resilient mindset while learning a proven process to navigate change. You become fluent in change, a master problem solver and confident in your ability to adapt. 

Resilient Change Management

This program cycles through these levels for consistent success. You begin by developing:

Right skills: You will learn to strengthen your emotional intelligence and resilient mindset. Learn to use the A3, define best practice in work flow, unleash the power of incremental change and other powerful agile methods.

Right Priority: Align your focus with organizational improvement themes, operate from a scorecard. Eliminate distractions.

Ready to Go. With the problem identified, plan in place and a mindset that is forward focused, you are ready!

Right results. The biggest cause of failure is the lack of focus on results! Putting out fires and losing sight of priorities makes it impossible to fully achieve the desired outcomes. Review, revise and roll out, is built into this system.

This program helped me deal with a toxic colleague. As I developed stronger skills in emotional intelligence, I was able to set boundaries and communicate, even when things got heated. My communication and confidence really improved. I highly recommend the program!

Colette, RN, MSN
Director of Simulation

There is so much going on I usually come to work and spend the day putting out fires. I never seem to get the results I wanted. In this training, I learned to focus, have a change management strategy and a problem solving system, I  regularly use the 5 why's with my staff. It forces everyone to be more deliberate and objective when exploring problems. I use this process over and over."

Cheryl M., MSN
Director of ER

Why you need to take this program:

  • Identify your leadership style
  • Learn change readiness strategies
  • Develop proven problem solving skills from agile lean sigma
  • Increase your confidence
  • Learn different ways to influence, increasing your credibility as a leader
  • You will get more done and have energy left over for you
  • Learn proven stress strategies to breakthrough overwhelm and activate resilience

What will you do with more time and energy for you?

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What is included in this program:

  • EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment with feedback session, full report identifying your natural strengths. Action plan incl.
  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Workbook, Success journal, Resilience: Your Super Power
  • Monthly Webinars (& recordings) (6-12 month options)
  • Online Mastermind group to network and get specific questions answered
  • Assessments, coaching and training you cannot get anywhere else!
“Resilience is an instinct that engages parts of you that get crushed in the day-to-day grind: optimism, mental flexibility, stamina”
- Dr. Cynthia Howard

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